Kat Reading

Kat Reading

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The meeting

This morning was the cochlear implant committee meeting. I sat in to make sure than the information being presented was unbiased and accurate.

Miss Kat's audiologist spoke for a minute about her hearing history and audiology. Then they read a statement from our speech therapist (she was unable to attend because of a family issue). It expressed the fact that Miss Kat was motivated and able to progress in her auditory skills and that she fully supports Miss Kat getting an implant. She stated that Miss Kat is "an excellent candidate".

The classroom placement came up very briefly and I read a statement from Miss Kat's teacher. It laid out the services she received at school and the fact that they are fully prepared to support Miss Kat's success in anyway they can. Our audiologist also mentioned that she is in the only placement that is available for her! Another committee member (I have no idea who) said that she can either be at her school and educated, or in a corner alone in an oral class! I also told them that if Miss Kat shows improvement and becomes an oral language user, we are more than willing to look into a change of placement.

After that the surgeon just looked around and asked if they were all in agreement. Everyone nodded and one guy said "I give her two thumbs up for the implant"! So....it is set! Surgery is Monday!!!

We are headed out right now to tour the new hospital. (We had to change hospitals because we didn't want to wait until December) I'm so excited. This is going to move very fast now. Her pre-op is Thursday! Then Halloween, then surgery!

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Lucky Day said...

Wow! Congratulations. I loved that comment on educational placement. When I read the surgeons comment "Surgery is on Monday" I was amazed. You had that terrible shock and now you are back on track. Hurray for you and Miss Kat.

Love and Prayers.

Lucky Day